2020 Board Election Ballot

2020 Board Election Ballot

The 2020 JMCA Board slate was published in the March/April newsletter which was delivered to each household earlier this month and is available on www.JeffersonManor.org. As with last year and consistent with board best practices, we will present the community with a slate to approve or deny. The slate of candidates for the 2020-2021 term are:

Director candidates:
Sharon Evans
Kay Floyd
Erin Green
Tom Rickert
Katie Cox Lamothe

Officer candidates:
President – Alexis Glenn
Vice President – Susan Bowyer
Treasurer – Diana Stanley
Secretary – Christopher Fricke

Please vote using the form at this link.

In the past, we voted by raising hands/voices in person in a non-anonymous fashion for what was an uncontested slate. We are replicating this process as best we can. All votes will be confirmed as valid if they match a dues-paying address.

One vote per household unless something different (like an owner living upstairs and a renter living in the basement who separately pay dues) is on the books. If you would prefer to print and mail or carry your household vote, you may send/drop it to 6020 Monticello Road.

We will communicate elections via email addresses (we have the vast majority of email addresses for dues-paying households), Facebook, and Nextdoor. If there are dues-paying members who we cannot reach in one of those ways, we will make alternative arrangements that do not endanger the effects of social distancing.

Should any dues-paying member wish to contest this election, they may do so following the result. If this is contested, then we will run a new election once we are able to safely gather in large groups again. We will publish a record of this electoral process and elected board members in the next newsletter, with instructions on contesting.

Voting will close at 11:59p EDT on Sunday, March 29, 2020.