About JMCA

The Jefferson Manor Citizens Association is a volunteer organization dedicated to the betterment of the Jefferson Manor neighborhood. JMCA advocates for the interests of the neighborhood, as well as planning and coordinating social and charitable activities, and providing information and services for neighborhood residents.

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Annual dues to the JMCA are $20, payable via PayPal, cash or check, support the bi-monthly neighborhood newsletter and events. Checks may be mailed to the JMCA at P.O. Box 4104, Alexandria, VA 22303. Each member of the JMCA is entitled to one vote per household to be cast in person on any matter brought to a vote at a membership meeting. JMCA Board elections are open every March. Always accepting helping volunteer hands, get involved today! Email info@jeffersonmanor.org

The 2018-2019 JMCA Board


President – president@jeffersonmanor.org – Alexis Glenn

Vice President – viceprez@jeffersonmanor.org – Jim Martin

Treasurer – treasurer@jeffersonmanor.org – Diana Stanley

Secretary – secretary@jeffersonmanor.org – Christopher Fricke

Board of Directors:

Chairman of the Board – chair@jeffersonmanor.org – Kay Floyd

Sam Rinde

Natalie Arbuckle

Tom Rickert

Shandean Bell

Newsletter Submissions – newsletter@jeffersonmanor.org

Have a question? Email info@jeffersonmanor.org

The JMCA holds general meetings every odd month and Board meeting every even month. General meetings review committee activities, upcoming and recently past events, and other relevant community information. A speaker may also present on a “topic of interest” at a general meeting. Information on special presentations is posted in the newsletter prior to the meeting.

View the Bylaws of the Jefferson Manor Citizens Association

The JMCA is a member of the Lee District Association of Civic Organizations (LDACO). LDACO holds informational meetings for Lee District citizens on a specific subject quarterly. Meetings are open to all citizens.

**Bylaws Update – September 2018** At our bi-monthly Board meeting in June 2018, the JMCA Board voted in favor to amend the Citizens Association Bylaws. The proposed changes clarify the roles of Board Officers and Directors and simplifies the term of all board members to one year.

The proposed amendments are published here. Article III, Sections 1, 2, and 3 are the only amended parts of the Bylaws, the rest of the document remains unchanged. The amendment will be voted on by the JMCA membership in attendance at the September 19, 2018 Community Meeting at the Mount Eagle Elementary School Cafeteria at 7:00 PM.