About JMCA

The Jefferson Manor Citizens Association is a volunteer organization dedicated to the betterment of the Jefferson Manor neighborhood. JMCA advocates for the interests of the neighborhood, as well as planning and coordinating social and charitable activities, and providing information and services for neighborhood residents.

Join the JMCA!

Please reach out to the JMCA via email or social media for volunteer opportunities. JMCA Board elections are open every March. Always accepting helping volunteer hands, get involved today!

THE 2015-2016 JMCA Board

President – president@jeffersonmanor.org – Ashley Davis

Vice President – viceprez@jeffersonmanor.org – Kathryn Floyd

Treasurer – treasurer@jeffersonmanor.org – (open)

Secretary – secretary@jeffersonmanor.org – Sam Rinde

Newsletter Submissions – newsletter@jeffersonmanor.org

Board of Directors:

Susan Bowyer

Sarah Hastings

John Holman

Alison Houle

Kyla Lupo

Carla Murillo-Gonzalez

Tom Robison

Have a question? Email info@jeffersonmanor.org

The JMCA holds general meetings every other month and Board meeting on in between months. General meetings review committee activities, upcoming and recently past events, and other relevant community information. A speaker may also present on a “topic of interest” at a general meeting. Information on special presentations is posted in the newsletter prior to the meeting.

View the Bylaws of the Jefferson Manor Citizens Association

The JMCA is also a member of the Lee District Association of Civic Organizations (LDACO) since we are a community organization in the Lee Supervisor District. LDACO holds informational meetings for Lee District citizens on a specific subject each month. Meetings are open to all citizens.